Howard County Iron Bridge Hounds | The Sport
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The Sport

The Sport of Foxchasing Today

While members of the Howard County-Iron Bridge Hounds embrace the rich tradition of the sport, including historical knowledge, terminology, hound breeding, etiquette and dress, there are aspects of the sport that have changed in response to modern day challenges. The club takes special care to respect the rights of landowners and maintain the territory on which we ride. Wildlife is preserved and protected, including the fox, at every opportunity.

Today’s natural environment and resources are fragile, and members are committed to their preservation.

There are many values shared today by members of The Howard County-Iron Bridge Hounds. They include: respect for our natural resources and environment; a desire to understand, foster, and practice the best aspects of the foxchasing tradition in North America; and appreciation of the strong and lasting relationships that develop between friends and neighbors who share a passion for the sport.