Howard County Iron Bridge Hounds | Membership
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Membership Types

For those interested in the sport of foxchasing, and want to follow the hounds on horse, there are several different types of memberships, including individual full hunting memberships, family full hunting memberships, young adult memberships and junior memberships. HICBH actively encourages juniors and young adults, and as members juniors and young adults enjoy waived initiation fees and steeply discounted dues. Before being eligible to apply for membership, an individual must cap two times. In order to apply for membership, an individual must be sponsored by a current member of the club.
To learn more about membership, please contact our membership chairman Membership Chairman

Affiliated Club Hunting Packages

Affiliated Club Cap Packages Seven days of chasing for $500, available to exclusively to members in good standing of other recognized packs. Participant will receive capping certificates for 7 days of hunting in the current season. PDF Details

Cap Season

Cap Season $1,200

Participants may enjoy 8 days of chasing at home meets and invitations to social activities; participant may use certificates for him or herself, or may use one for a guest or a family member. This is a great way to find out if foxchasing is right for you! PDF Details

Social Memberships

Love to follow the hounds by car? Or just love the social atmosphere surrounding foxhunting? Then a social membership might be just right for you. Social members receive invitations to all social functions as well as a subscription parking pass to the race meet (great for tailgating). $500 per season. Please mail check along with this PDF Form to:

HCIBH Membership Chairman Robin Conrad,
150 Haviland Mill Rd,
Brookeville, MD 20833

MasterCard, Visa and American Express also accepted (please provide name of cardholder as it appears on the card, billing address of cardholder, and security code).

For more information, please contact Robin Conrad at e-mail: Membership Chairman