Howard County Iron Bridge Hounds | History
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Over 150 years of History in Howard County

Club History

Foxchasing in Howard County

Foxchasing in Howard County traces back to the late 1800’s. In those early years, dedicated sportsmen, among them Nimrod Gosnell, George Linthicum and John Hardy, bred their own hounds. Because of their commitment to the sport, Howard County became the leading sporting county in the state and the center of rural Maryland’s foxchasing social life.

Among the earliest clubs founded in Howard County at this time were the Patapsco Hounds, and the Elkridge Club. The Elkridge Club moved to Baltimore County in 1870, and merged in 1934 to form the Elkridge-Harford Hounds in Harford County.

The Patapsco Hounds disbanded in 1910. Their hounds were sold to the Green Spring Valley Hounds, forming the backbone of their present day pack.

The Howard County – Iron Bridge Hounds represents the merging of two respected clubs, the Howard County Hounds and the Iron Bridge Hounds, both of which were independently founded in the 1930’s. They merged in 1985, locating the kennels in Glenelg. In 1997, they relocated to Mount Airy and built a clubhouse and new kennel facility that is now one of the finest examples of modern, efficient kennel management in the country.

The Howard County Hounds

The lineage of the Howard County Hounds can be traced back as far as 1814, when the Duke of Leeds gave two Irish foxhounds, Mountain and Muse, to a visiting guest, Bolton Jackson. This famous pair of hounds changed hands several times before going to Charles Carroll at his Homewood estate. Nimrod Gosnell bred July, a famous hound tracing back to Captain, a descendent of Mountain and Muse.

In the late 1920’s, established sportsmen including Augustus Riggs, III, a third generation foxchaser from Meadow Brook Farm in Cooksville, George Linthicum, and John Hardy, joined together to form a new club. They organized The Howard County Hounds, which was finally established at Burleigh Manor in 1930, with Augustus Riggs III as the first Master. In 1932, the club was recognized and moved the kennels to Glenelg.

Howard County Hounds Master of Foxhounds

1930-1931 Mr. Augustus Riggs III
1931-1933 Mr. Augustus Riggs III and Mr. C. Leigh Matthews

1933-1935 Mr. Augustus Riggs III and Mr. Philip H. Bowen

1936-1943 Mr. Augustus Riggs III

1943-1945 Mrs. Edwin Warfield, Jr.

1945-1946 Mr. Augustus Riggs III

1946-1947 Mr. Augustus Riggs III and Mr. Augustus Riggs IV

1947-1950 Mr. Augustus Riggs IV

1950-1951 Mr. Asa C. Sharp, Jr. and Mr. Joseph S. Devereux

1951-1953 Mr. Asa C. Sharp, Jr. and Mrs. Edwin Warfield III

1953-1956 Mrs. Edwin Warfield III

1956-1960 Mrs. Edwin Warfield III and Mr. John R. Devereux III

1960-1965 Mrs. Edwin Warfield III and Dr. William J. Bryson

1965-1966 Dr. William J. Bryson and Mr. C. Oliver Goldsmith

1967-1971 Mr. C. Oliver Goldsmith

1971-1972 Mr. C. Oliver Goldsmith and Mr. Hazel L. Welsh

1972-1978 Mr. Hazel L. Welsh

1978-1984 Dr. Roger I. Scullin

The Iron Bridge Hounds

The hounds of Iron Bridge descend from the original Maryland “Brooke” hounds. The club’s founders, Whitney and Lina Aitcheson, were longtime foxchasers and they were recognized for breeding good sporting hounds.

In 1937, they established the Iron Bridge Hounds in Laurel, naming the club after a foxchasing spot that they loved, the old “Iron Bridge” which crossed the Patuxent River at Columbia Pike. The club’s patriarch, Whitney Aitcheson, died in 1968, and members feared that the club would not survive after his passing. But thanks to the dedication of its members, the club continued on successfully, and was registered in 1977, and then merged with the Howard County Hounds in 1985.

Iron Bridge Hounds Master of Foxhounds

1937-1943 Mr. Samuel Aitcheson

1943-1945 Mr. Leiter Aitcheson

1945-1946 Mr. Harry Scaggs

1946-1948 Mr. Charles La Venture

1948-1952 Mr. Leiter Aitcheson

1952-1957 Mr. Charles Ousler

1957-1962 Mr. Charles Ousler and Mr. Henry Edwards

1962-1964 Mr. Charles Ousler and Mr. Whitney Aitcheson

1964-1966 Mr. Whitney Aitcheson and Mr. Leiter Aitcheson

1966-1977 Mr. Leiter Aitcheson

1970-1971 Dr. James Winston Smith and Mrs. Ruth Cairns

1971-1972 Dr. James Winston Smith and Mr. Leiter Aitcheson

1972-1973 Mr. William Tompkins, Jr.

1973-1978 Mr. Robert E. Cook and Dr. Louis W. Tinnin

1978-1982 Mr. Robert E. Cook

1982-1985 Mr. Robert E. Cook and Mrs. Linda Solano

Howard County – Iron Bridge Hounds Master of Foxhounds

1985-1994 Dr. Roger I. Scullin and Mr. J. Thomas Scrivener

1995-2001 Dr. Roger I. Scullin, Mr. J. Thomas Scrivener and Mrs. Catherine Willson

2001-2003 Dr. Roger I. Scullin and Mrs. Catherine Willson

2003- 2004 Dr. Roger I. Scullin, Mrs. Catherine Willson and Mr. T. Garrick Steele

2004 – 2005 Dr. Roger I. Scullin and Mr. T. Garrick Steele

2005 – 2006 Dr. Roger I. Scullin and Mr. T. Garrick Steele, and Mr. Donald Reuwer, Jr.

2006 – 2012 Dr. Roger I. Scullin and Mr. Donald Reuwer, Jr

2012 – 2015 Dr. Roger I. Scullin, Mr. Donald Reuwer, Jr. and Mr. David Pickett

2015 – present Dr. Roger I. Scullin, Mr. Donald Reuwer, Jr., Mr. David Pickett, Ms Crystal Kimball and Mr Rob Scranton